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Warzone: Good S#IT

AD: Jimmy Marcheso
CW: Ted Masterson

One Show 2022 Short List

Warzone players swear 484 times an hour or eight times a minute. And when it comes to Warzone s*** talking, one word reigns supreme. Players are full of s***.

So like any good teammate, we will apologize to moms. Our heartfelt letter will run in the New York Times and announce our Mother’s Day fundraiser.

During Mother's Day, we will use transcription software to detect every time a Twitch streamer on Warzone swears. Then we will start a stream of our own. We will drop $1 into our virtual swear crate for every swear detected.

To help moms clean s*** up, we will drop our swear crate off at Help a Mother Out, a non-profit that donates diapers to families in need. We will also keep track of the numbers from the big day.

Players who reply to @CallofDuty with their Twitch username will be sent a Swear Report with a summary of their activity.