Penguin: You Should Read a Book

AD: Carol Benito
CW: Anna Breinfalk, Ted Masterson

"You should read a book" is a common insult on Twitter.
We agreed, Everyone should read more books.

On average, 12 people respond to a tweet with the words “You should read a book”, daily. 

That’s a lot of potential book recommendations, but without specific titles and authors, “You should read a book”  doesn’t give recipients much direction. Fortunately, Penguin is here to help. On September 8th, National Literacy Day, we will target tweets that received a reply with the phrase "You should read a book.

and analyze the Tweet's content to match it with a Penguin book on the same subject. Then we will respond to the Tweet with our recommendation, including a link to the book's listing on

To help future user book recommendations, we will create a page on Penguin's site. There, users will be able to input the URL of a Tweet which we will match with a book and its listing.