Diesel: Dress to Undress

AD: Buchun Jiang
CW: Ted Masterson, Stefanie Rubin

Insight: The better someone looks in clothes, the more people want to see them off.
Idea: People look so good in Diesel’s clothes, we just want to see them off.

We will place mannequins, dressed head-to-toe in Diesel, in Times Square. It is safe to assume that the garments will quickly vanish into the hands of the opportunistic because, when it comes to Diesel, people can’ help themselves. The unclothed mannequins will reveal our tagline, printed on the figurines.

We will place a digital billboard at the same location, showing a model in Diesel. The clothes the model is wearing will be posted on Instagram. For every like ❤️ an Instagram post receives, the respective article of clothing will begin to disappear on the model.


We will also create an interactive lookbook. Viewers will notice that each garment is a detachable sticker. QR codes on the back of the stickers will direct people to the clothing article on Diesel.com.

Last up, we have our OOH prints.